What Is Polker (PKR)? Features, Tokenomics, and Price Prediction

How Does Polker (PKR) Work?

What Is Polker (PKR)? Features, Tokenomics, and Price Prediction

The Problem With The Blockchain World

With so many projects being launched on a daily basis, many boasting good websites, and massive communities, it can be difficult to distinguish genuine initiatives from frauds or ventures doomed to fail.Many ICOs/IDOs ended up stalling, either because they don’t have a workable proof-of-concept or because they don’t have a compelling use case. Scamming and projects that start out with the goal of ‘rug pulling’ are harmful to the crypto ecosystem as a whole.

Another harmful element that is frequently missed is the number of prospective initiatives with feasible, much-needed use-cases that are abandoned due to a lack of funding, time, or community trust.

How Polker Solves It?

Polker (PKR) offers a solution to this dilemma for both investors and community members, as well as project developers. It can utilize the multi-crypto marketplace to provide a secure platform for utility tokens to build real-world use-cases in a stable setting, increasing the token’s value which is frequently quite volatile in the initial stages. The general public and investors profit since users of the PKR platform are not compelled to invest directly in what could be deemed high-risk proprietary tokens.

PKR addresses three concerns by eliminating these and other risks from investors and enabling a secure, trustworthy environment for new enterprises to grow in the first place:

  • Projects can establish a price floor and an initial investment that will enable the development of suggested use-cases.
  • Investors are not obliged to acquire proprietary tokens, and by using a reputable platform like PKR, it is assumed that the projects not only have promise but also have a functional proof-of-concept.
  • The third problem that PKR solves is that by combining solutions one and two, for start-ups and lowering the risk for investors, frauds, and rug pulls are eliminated from the scene.

Unique Features of Polker (PKR)

The Multi Crypto Marketplace

PKR has a proprietary system that allows various Cryptocurrencies to interact with one another. Once linked to MetaMask or another Web 3.0 wallet, the technology enables cross-chain interoperability and direct smart contract interaction.

The technology enables a large quantity of data to be shown, and the PKR platform adopter may quickly alter the parameters. The data provided may be simplified to make it easily understandable for individuals who are less technically minded, while in-depth technicalities can be utilized for those who want to verify technical elements of cryptocurrencies.

When comparing cryptocurrencies, the most significant measure to consider is their comparable fiat value, as well as the rise or decline over time. The PKR protocol gathers real-time pricing data and allows users to readily compare prices in their preferred fiat currency.

PKR’s Multi Crypto Marketplace allows you to trade, hold, stake, and play with all of the cryptocurrencies in the PKR ecosystem. Complex cross-chain financial ecosystems can also be aggregated into a simple and intuitive interface with PKR’s Multi Crypto Marketplace.

PKR Token

PKR is available as a BEP-20, TRC-20, an ERC-20 token, enabling massive trade volumes and a cross-chain economy that is open to everybody. All users can trade, buy, produce, and engage across any authorized cryptocurrency networks using PKR.

By trading with PKR, any player, organization, corporation, or person can use Polker’s proprietary technology to boost their platform. The PKR platform and its related services can help E-Commerce, i-Gaming, e-Sports, conventional games, and even NFT developers.

Cross-Chain Compatibility

PKR was created as an ERC-20 token that could be used on the Ethereum network. As the gas costs continued to rise, it became clear that the present status of the Ethereum mainnet was making the operation and exchange of PKR prohibitively costly. PKR linked the token to two additional Blockchain networks that are also written in Solidity (Ethereum’s code-base) to guarantee that the project could function smoothly and without large fees.

PKR can be safely linked between Ethereum (ERC-20), Tron (TRC-20), and Binance Smart Chain at the moment (BEP-20).

Because the token is 1:1 linked to the original Ethereum token, the Binance Smart Chain and Tron tokens are both ‘pegged tokens,’ meaning that while they may be traded freely across all networks, they do not increase or reduce the number of existing tokens which preserves confidence while also establishing a pricing floor that is consistent across networks.

And with the introduction of additional L1 and L2 projects built on solidity, PKR can always contemplate bridging to other networks utilizing the code-base in the future if trends shift or fee structures alter.

Provably Fair Auditable Gameplay

This patent-pending system, when combined with the other two, provides for a fully immersive user experience. To illustrate a scenario of Multi-Player gaming, when players approach a checkpoint, they must roll a die to select which path they should follow next. The dice play may be audited as the player progresses with TRNG.

If six players are at the checkpoint at any given moment and roll a ‘2’, gamers can verify, or audit, the Provably Fair Auditable Gameplay protocol using the API to confirm that there is no unfair action by another player or the platform itself.

All players who have rolled a ‘2’ are entitled to buy new choices from the in-game marketplace, which uses PKR’s Multi Crypto Marketplace Protocol.

When these elements are combined, they provide an environment that allows for trustless and auditable gameplay. This, together with the deployment of a payment system that supports various Cryptocurrencies, enables PKR to provide a safe solution to challenges that are now plaguing a variety of online sectors and services.There are many other features that are discussed in the official PKR whitepaper, here.

Team Behind Polker (PKR)

The team behind Polker is focused on propagating on-chain solutions. Here are its core members:

  • Conor Thacker – Co-Founder & Managing Director
  • Hector Mayorga – Co-Founder & Chief of Gaming
  • Elliott Schecter – Casino Logic Director
  • Sean Brennan – Revenue Director
  • Jesse Paul – Chief of Gaming Operations
  • Rob-Wheeler – Chief Technology Officer

For the complete list of team members, please click here.

Polker (PKR) Tokenomics

The total token supply of PKR tokens is 1,000,000,000, and the current circulating supply is set at  69,415,202.00 PKR.

Polker (PKR) Price

Polker (PKR) is now trading around 0.08427 as of Jan. 17, 2022. Its 24-hour trading volume on exchanges is around $506,946.

Polker (PKR) Price Prediction and Future Outlook

Crypto scams reached a level of $14 billion in 2021. The overall losses from crypto-related crime rose by 79% in 2021. These stats are clearly mentioned in a report by CNBC. They show the immense need for a platform, like Polker, which lowers the rate of rug pulls and many other scams running in the crypto world that don’t allow small crypto projects to grow. This is a global utility of the Polker (PKR) project and this feature alone can take it to the moon.

Adding on the point above, the Provably Fair Auditable Gameplay feature is an indispensable feature of the Polker project. It makes sure that only true winners are awarded prizes and scammers are sidelined immediately, as discussed above. With the rising demand and inclusion of play-to-earn games in the blockchain world, the use of such a feature will increase with time and so will the worth of the Polker project and the PKR token.

The current price of Polker (PKR) is $0.08427, which is more than 85% less than its all-time high of $0.561223. Since the token was launched six months ago, the price of PKR token has appreciated over 180%. It reached its all-time high of $0.561223 two months ago, the same time when Bitcoin (BTC) hit its ATH at $69,000. Since the largest cryptocurrency in the world seems to be in recovery mode, the price of PKR is also emulating the same behavior. According to some crypto experts, the price of PKR token can appreciate with the movement of BTC and break its ATH to reach $1 and more. This, however, is possible only when the high volatility of the crypto market calms down a bit, which makes it very difficult to predict the timing of the potential price gain of the PKR token.

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